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Things to Consider Before You Pave Your Pool Area in Bergen County

Things to Consider Before You Pave Your Pool Area in Bergen County

You wanted one when you were a kid growing up in Bergen County.  It’s been so many years; it’s finally happening.  You’re getting a backyard swimming pool!

Three Popular choices for Pool areas in Bergen County

There are plenty of choices here for your swimming pool area.  Here’s a look at some of the most common options for pool deck surfaces and paving:

 1.  Concrete pool deck – it’s cost-effective.  It can be plain or patterned, and just about any color you choose.  Its easy availability makes it environmentally friendly; no long hauling in trucks that create pollution.  Durable, yes, but plan on resealing every 2-3 years.

2.  Natural stone pool deck-loads of options, lots of looks.  Flagstone creates a natural rugged look.  Dimensional stone (granite, slate, sandstone) is for those who prefer a more precise and sophisticated look.  It’s more expensive than concrete and varies based on the installation of choice.  Natural stone can shift over time, and weeding will likely be required if you want a super clean look around your pool.

 3.  Paver pool deck-provides a classically beautiful look that integrates beautifully into your total yard theme.  Almost any design idea can be accomplished when laying the pavers—distinguished, rustic, linear, square, rectangular—mix and match.    Choose almost any shape and any color to make your paver pool deck all your own.

It would be enough that paving stone pool decks are an attractive and stylish addition to outdoor living spaces. Pavers can significantly increase the market value of your home.

Pool pavers can be a bit more expensive due to extra labor installation involved.  It’s

  • easy to maintain
  • stain resistant
  • slip resistant
  • long-lasting
  • the go-to choice of surface when you are looking for sophistication and elegance.

Have Question About your Berven county Pool Area?  Onorato Can Help

So before you break out the swimsuit, fruity drinks, and pool floats, do your research about pool paving options.   Want to know more?  For all of your questions about pool paving in Bergen County, contact Marc at Onorato Landscaping— 201-941-1623.


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Topic:  Things to Consider Before You Pave Your Pool Area in Bergen County

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