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Are you in Bergen County and looking for a rock or retaining wall designed and built to enhance the beauty of your home or business?  If, so, please consider Onorato Landscaping.  Marc Onorato is the founder and president of the firm.  He has the innate skill of being able to listen to your wants, desires, and dreams and the ability to develop concepts and designs that bring them to life at almost every size budget.

Onorato Landscaping LLC Retaining & Rock Walls in Bergen County

Some people and businesses choose to have Onorato produce the entire landscaping and hardscaping project at once.  Marc and the team aim to exceed your expectations throughout the project.  However, if your situation demands that you develop your project so that you can spread your budget over several seasons, we understand that, too. Marc knows that unexpected expenses—a medical bill, college tuition, car expense—can impact your budget and your plan.

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Your project can be phased, and each phase will look completed.   In the end, each phase will tie together as if it was done all at once.  For example, you could start with a concrete block retainer wall to replace your current and dilapidated railroad tie wall.  Next season may include a patio that blends as if it was constructed at the same time as the retaining wall.  New season…schedule the next project; perhaps a rock wall or a paver walkway.  And, finally, finish with some beautiful trees, shrubs and flowers.

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Marc has heard complaints about organizations that try to “shame” clients into projects that could break the bank.  No matter the project size or the number of phases, you can expect innovative design, skilled craftsmanship, friendly service and great pricing.

retaiing wall, stairs & landscaping Bergen County NJ

a beautiful patio with retaining walls and landscaping

What are the common materials used for Bergen County retaining walls and their pros and cons? 

You will find retaining walls made from a wide range of materials including concrete, concrete with stone veneer, concrete block, brick, stone, boulders, wood and gabion (a wirework container filled with rock, broken concrete, or other material).  Each has its pros and cons:

Concrete – Concrete is fast, easy to pour, and strong.  It does require a skilled designer to avoid looking “industrial” (Marc Onorato is that skilled designer and has that skill).  Quality concrete retaining walls require skilled masons who understand the need for proper footings and drainage that will prevent cracking.     If designed and built correctly, concrete walls can provide a modern yet sleek look and feel.

Concrete with stone veneer – These have the same pros and cons of concrete.  They take a bit longer to build; the concrete must be poured and allowed to set prior to the construction of the stone veneer.   When completed, your retaining wall will look as if it is through-and-through stone.     It’s a win-win—the strength of concrete and the beauty of stone.

Pre-cast stackable block –Stackable concrete block gives the same elegance as pavers with an even look and symmetry of the same sized and finished blocks.   These walls are relatively easy to build and are excellent when curves are required.   Pre-cast stackable block can be used to give your yard any architectural style—blended with your current theme, contemporary or even a Spanish style.     Stackable blocks come in dozens of colors, sizes, shapes and finishes.  This flexibility has made them the most popular material for retaining walls.

Retaining wall and patio

Retaining Wall and Patio with Landscaping and Pavers

Brick – Brick has many of the advantages of concrete block.  Retaining walls of brick are strong and durable, and they can easily accommodate bends and curves.  They are labor intensive and require skilled masons to build the proper footing and drainage to avoid cracking (brick does not breathe). There are many traditional homes and businesses in Bergen County where a brick retaining wall can make the property shine.

Stone – Stone can come in many types, colors and can be natural or cut.  They offer the same advantages of brick and must be designed correctly to include proper drainage to avoid cracking.  If your home has the stone facing or colonial architectural that is common in Bergen County, stone may be the perfect material for you. It can enhance the beauty of your property while delivering a durable wall.

rock retaining wall in Bergen County

rock retaining wall gives this Bergen County homeowner more level ground in their back yard

Boulders – Boulders can be stacked relatively quickly.  Obviously, multi-ton boulders require heavy equipment to place them.  However, their weight will keep them in place without having to worry about frost.  They can be designed to enhance the natural look of your property.  If you place gravel behind the boulders to form a blind ditch, you can control the flow of water; a common problem with boulder walls.   If your Bergen County home or business has a mid-century or colonial architecture, a boulder retaining wall can accent it perfectly.

Wood – Although most wooden retaining walls are made from railroad ties, some are made from timbers that are resistant to rotting. Wooden retaining walls, when designed in the right setting, can be stunning and there’s the added benefit of quick and easy building.   A properly built wooden retaining wall will have a waterproof sheet between both the back and bottom of the retaining wall and gravel footing and backing to keep water away from the wood.  The gravel footing and backing keep the water flowing away from the wood, too.  The drawback of a wooden retaining wall is its lifespan.  No matter how well you design and construct one, it does not the lifespan of stone or concrete

backyard patio & retaining wall in Bergen County NJ

If you have a steep incline in your backyard, a retaining wall can beautify it while giving you more living space


What are the pros and cons of various styles of rock walls in Bergen County?

Every type of material has its pros and cons, and a big part of the equation is your specific taste.  You may love concrete blocks and hate stone while someone else loves wood and hates brick.  Taste is an individual thing, and Onorato works closely with you to achieve your goals.  The company uses your chosen materials to create a design that results in the best for your yard or place of business.     Following are the types of materials commonly used in stone and retaining walls with some pros and cons of each.

rockwall in bergen county

rock wall constructed of natural stone

Natural stones – The pro is it’s a natural look.  The cons are that natural stone walls need more weeding than those made of concrete or pavers.   Over time, seasonal weather changes may cause rise and fall in some areas, requiring some maintenance

Natural stones in concrete – You still have the look of naturally shaped stone, but with the structure of concrete with a footing below the frost line.  The additional footing and concrete make this wall more expensive than natural stone laid on the earth.   The benefit is that natural stone in concrete walls require less maintenance and weeding.

Pre-cut stone – These walls can be built on the ground or with a footing and have the same pros and cons as the corresponding walls above.  These stones have squared edges that allow for a tight fit and finish. Some people love this tidy look; others feel that a rock wall should be made of naturally looking rocks.  As mentioned earlier, it is all a matter of personal taste.

Concrete wall with stone veneer

These are quicker and easier to build and give you the same advantages as walls with footing and concrete.  The veneers can be made of natural stone or pre-cut stone with square edges.

Pre-cast stackable block – These can give you an excellent fit and finish, can be crafted to curve and offer a variety of looks from Spanish to contemporary to a blend with your current look.  Concrete blocks cannot be used for walls over four feet tall.

Why Onorato Landscaping is the Bergen County value leader in building stone and retaining walls

Marc Onorato, the founder and president of Onorato Landscaping, knows that people, who want a stone or retaining wall, want it to be both functional and decorative.    They want to have it completed in a timely, efficient and cost-effective way.    Marc Onorato has a talent for listening to people and developing their ideas.  He designs a stone or retaining wall that does its job, looks great and is a real value.

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His philosophy is to exceed his customer’s expectation at every stage. Onorato Landscaping never cuts corners, and their high level of service is always delivered in a friendly manner. Marc is dedicated to constant improvement, attending continuing education courses that enhance the knowledge and skills he offers to the homeowners and businesses of Bergen County.  Onorato can work with any size budget to help you beautify your property.  Marc’s commitment to being the value leader in rock and retaining walls is unshakable!

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If you are looking for personalized service, creative and beautiful walls designed by a craftsman who wants your property to look its best—contact Onorato Landscaping.  Call Marc at 201-941-1623 and let Onorato give your home or business “Bergen County’s stone or retaining wall bragging rights!”

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  • Avatar Jose Amaris ★★★★★ a year ago
    Amazing service, really Happy with the results!
    Marc has been taking care of the landscaping needs of our home for many years now and we do not have a single thing to complain about.
    The landscapers are experienced in what they're
    … More doing and it's evident by the work they leave behind.
    I would sometimes forget & leave my chairs, tables, etc... on the lawn and the crew would move them, do their job, and then put them back on their place. I'm glad they don't just mow around and take the easy route. It's the little things that also help show they're hard-workers.
    A few new landscaping companies have opened up around our area. I've looked into them but with Onorato's great prices and the stress-free experience I've had with them, I'm not looking to make a switch anytime soon.
    Marc is also very kind and pleasant to talk to on the phone while making landscaping arrangements. When someone cares about their business it truly shows and makes life easier for everyone.
    I hope me sharing my personal experience helps out!
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    If you want high quality professional service at a very fair price then look no further. Ornato Landscaping is by far the best landscaper I have ever used and will be the only landscaper I use going forward.
    I obtained 5 quotes for the
    … More planting of 9 Giant Green Thujas and removal of a shrubs. Not only was Marc’s price the lowest, but he was the most patient and professional compared with others. He took the time to plan the project with me and provided a very fair quote shortly after. No need to look any further if you are looking for a great landscaper.
  • Avatar MIke Giordano ★★★★★ 3 weeks ago
    If you want high quality professional service at a very fair price then look no further. Ornato Landscaping is by far the best landscaper I have ever used and will be the only landscaper I use going forward.
    I obtained 5 quotes for the
    … More planting of 9 Giant Green Thujas and removal of a shrubs. Not only was Marc’s price the lowest, but he was the most patient and professional compared with others. He took the time to plan the project with me and provided a very fair quote shortly after. No need to look any further if you are looking for a great landscaper.
  • Avatar I P ★★★★★ 4 months ago
    Great, awesome service. Very professional team. Did a fast job. Reasonable price. Highly recommend. Special thanks to Marc. He communicates with you and helps to do a right choice about landscaping and hardscaping.
  • Avatar Christina Chu ★★★★★ 5 months ago
    Marc and his staff are wonderful! They came by 2PM and left at 6. Our lawn looks great now! Thank you very much!
  • Avatar paul yoon ★★★★★ 2 years ago
    Marc and his team are great! I would highly recommend if you need some landscaping done. Marc picked quality plants and did an excellent job on the installation. His team came by 12PM and was done by 4PM. Marc worked at Metropolitan Plant … More Exchange since he was young and is very knowledgeable.
  • Avatar Lou Tufano ★★★★★ 2 years ago
    Marc and his staff are first rate! They did a variety of plantings, stone and mulch work for us and transformed our back yard with beautiful paver work. Work is completed on or ahead of schedule, always within the estimated price and with … More quality materials.
  • Avatar Jeanne Zanone ★★★★★ 3 years ago
    Excellent experience with knowledgeable, hard-working designer/landscapers after Onorato was chosen from numerous estimates. Marc and his crew extracted unwanted trees and shrubs (one over 40ft!) and created a beautiful landscape for us … More with two focal-point trees, and a variety of shrubs which included 16 Abrovitae. Chosen plants compliment our home, but will also survive with sun conditions. When we asked to change plant locations or add items during installation, Marc met every request; he even stayed after his crew departed to water and instruct us on maintenance. We really couldn't be happier with the results!
  • Avatar Anthony Macagna ★★★★★ 6 months ago

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  • Avatar Paul D. ★★★★★ 4 hours ago
    This is the first time I tried finding a service provider on this site, since I tend to do a lot of projects myself. In a nutshell, Marc was great! I am a very meticulous person when undertaking projects due to my background in architecture, and Marc exceeded my expectations. I began a large hardscape project last year and needed the finishing touch of a large sod install project . It required ripping out the old turf, regrading the soil where trees were recently removed, installing new topsoil and 2500sf of sod. All of this on top of hilly terrain. Marc's crew was very professional and meticulous. His company had all the required tools and multiple trucks to complete the project. It was completed in a timely manner, within a few days of singing the contract. The communication and coordination was excellent. The pricing was very competitive and I am extremely happy with the entire experience.
  • Avatar Jea Z. ★★★★★ 12 hours ago
    We chose Onorato over many estimates for a large landscaping project involving removal of a 50 foot tree, three other trees, and various bushes. We were also provided with a detailed plan to plant two large feature trees, multiple abrovitae, and numerous smaller bushes that would grow well here. After previous removal of the huge tree, Marc and his crew worked an entire day to transform our property to a beautiful landscape. They are patient, hard-working and very thorough. We asked for a few changes and additions throughout the day, and nothing was ever a problem. Whatever we wanted was done with a smile. Onorato mulched our entire property too and even included seeding of other grass areas and replacement of rock features that wasn't included in the estimate. Marc stayed after his crew to teach us about watering and care. I can't tell you how happy we are with this highly professional yet personable company. Honestly, we wouldn't change a thing.
  • Avatar Bethany L. ★★★★★ Apr 5, 2017
    What a wonderful experience. Marc came out to my home the very next day to discuss the work I requested. He came up with an amazing design for the front and back of my home which included many specimen plantings and a paver patio in the back. Marc and his team was efficient, knowledgeable and finished the job on time as he promised. We were extremely satisfied with EVERYTHING!!!
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