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Ridgefield Retaining Walls

What type of retaining wall is best? Concrete and Masonry Retaining Walls. Poured concrete is the strongest and most durable choice for retaining walls. It comes in a variety of textures and colors. Concrete will last the longest if properly selected and installed.

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For instance, walls that are exposed to continued freezing (above 40 degrees) should be Type III or Type IV hard concrete [depending on what climate you live in]. These have a higher limestone content then regular concrete and therefore are more difficult to work with when being poured but they hold up better against ice expansion. In addition, they take longer to cure so it is wise to form them first and pour them second because once they set there is little chance of moving the forms around. Masonry walls come in three types: solid brick columns with mortared-in rubble between the bricks; solid reinforced concrete blocks held. Once they are set , there is little chance of moving the forms around. Solid masonry has better fire resistance than reinforced, but the latter is usually cheaper and easier to work with and less likely to have voids where water can accumulate between the blocks or cracks through which wind can enter. Masonry walls are typically 6 in (15 cm) thick, although it’s common for them to be thinner where openings will later be installed.

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Retaining Walls are both functional and beautiful part of any landscape design project. They are used to hold back and support soil against the force of gravity. They can be built in many different styles and sizes, depending on the site specific requirements, and can help frame a landscape design.

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Retaining walls usually fit within a few categories: sloped, tiered or step-like (terraced); walls perpendicular to grade; or walls that are transitional between stepped and vertical supports. Each retaining wall type is designed differently depending on its use. All erosion control plans need to include at least one section drawing with section dimensions indicating the top elevation lines for each sections’ face along with all protruding members such as seating steps or distribution pipe outlets etc…

When building any retaining wall structure it is important for your plan to include not only functional aspects, but visual as well, while in your backyard or property.

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Why do you need a retaining wall?

Retaining walls are often used in residential and commercial landscaping applications to retain soil, reduce land erosion, and to level off sloping land. Retaining wall blocks are designed to be easy to build and DIY friendly for the weekend renovator.

Retaining walls are constructed of masonry materials such as concrete, brick or rock using either a pier-and-beam system or an earth pressure balance system.

A retaining wall can make a yard seem larger by hiding the view of neighboring properties. A tall retaining wall gives the illusion that there is more space behind it than there actually is. Retaining walls may also screen unwanted views, keep out undesirable soil and plants, prevent landslides or flooding, and add visual interest with their texture and color.

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The wall is constructed from a series of vertical columns with foundation anchors depending on the length and span required. The steel reinforcing are welded to the anchor rods and then clipped into slots in the earth retaining panels, which are fixed to the top of each column.

The backfill material used can be either granular fill (normally sandstone) or a lightweight pneumatic concrete. It is filled into all voids within the trench area between adjacent earthen walls and around individual columns at commencement level before placing precast facing units onto the wall face for weather protection purposes.

Designers need to ensure that when using high adhesion welding methods, the correct type of steel belt needs to be selected.

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