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There are many benefits to owning a lawn, but it is also important to know how to properly care for your lawn. Ask a local landscaping expert the various types of grasses, shrubs, bushes and other plantings to help balance, create separations and flow on your properties for residential and commercial property.

Onorato Landscaping, Lawn, Pavers, and Fencing Lawn Care & Maintenance in Cliffside Park

Our customers can be assured that we understand every bit of the investment they have made in pursuit of a beautiful property and that we are here to help.

From new landscaping to updated existing landscaping, trust Onorato Landscaping as the right full service Lawn Care company, the right company for you! Don’t have a project in mind? Let us help turn your ideas into reality with a beautiful outdoor living space both front-yard and backyards.

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Onorato Landscaping has dozens of years of experience and provides quality lawn care services in Cliffside Park, and throughout Bergen County. Choose to hire us based on our excellent customer service, competitive price points, professional staff, and attention to detail.

We go the extra mile to make sure every last detail is perfect. From mulching, to striping, we will make your yard look awesome!

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Keep your yard looking beautiful with weekly maintenance.

Weekly lawn care not only looks good but the also keep it healthy. Call us for a one-time lawn make-over, design, installation, plantings, or regular lawn care.

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Do you need a grounds maintenance provider? Onorato Landscaping provides a full-service operation for your needs.

The service includes:

Our expert landscape maintenance technicians will maintain your lawn by:

1) Weed control with fertilizers and pesticides.

2) Mulching with hand tools or using mulch blowers.

3) Overseeding in the summer to promote greening and growth in sparse areas of the lawn.

4) Providing spring-time yard cleanup

We work hard to provide the safest maintenance for your lawns so they are healthy and green.