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As other homes in Bergen County disappear into the night, let your property come to life and shine bright as an exquisite masterpiece of outdoor landscape lighting. At Onorato Landscaping our Outdoor Lighting designers understand your home and business is more than just a building or residence to you. Let your largest assets, property architectures and garden landscapes illuminate a visual display of light to all your friends, customers and neighbors with a new and amazing outdoor lighting system that is energy efficient and made to last a lifetime.
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All of our central Cliffside Park design solutions are the result of a personal collaboration with each individual client and installer. Our mission as a lighting professional, is to exceed each and every clients ideas while considering all aspects of our customers specific styles and tastes on every project. We always take care to bring life to every projects outdoor space. With this in mind, that is why our team of lighting installers and lighting designers is always here to ensure your outdoor landscape lighting systems are the most amazing and inspirational as you had hoped. This is why we proudly service any outdoor lighting project in the Bergen County area. Call us today to schedule your free night-time lighting demo and see for yourself how the illuminations of light in every high-quality led fixture will bring your homes and businesses to life with an extra special added touch of security and appeal.
Outdoor Lighting in Cliffside Park and Bergen County, New Jersey.

Onorato Landscaping Lighting in Cliffside Park

You love spending time with family and friends outdoors, and your property is perfect for entertaining. Guests enjoy walking to and from different areas in your landscape, but when the light starts to go, you’re concerned someone may stumble and fall.

At Onorato Landscaping, we offer beautiful outdoor lighting that softly illuminates your paths so that they are safe to travel. As guests follow the winding walkways around your lovely home, they’ll be able to see where they’re going while enjoying the gently lit features of your landscape.

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Designer Path Lighting for Your Cliffside Park, NJ home

We all know that sticks and rocks can get in the way, and the last thing you want is for a guest to trip and injure themselves. Whether it’s a walkway, stepping stones, a sidewalk, or a driveway, guests need to see where they’re going.

Designer path lighting from Onorato Landscaping provides the right amount of light to keep your paths safe while highlighting the beautiful surroundings. Our path lighting is warm and inviting, casting a gentle glow as guests travel to each destination on your property.

From the moment guests arrive, they’ll feel welcome as the light guides them from the driveway to your lovely home. After dinner, they’ll safely move to the patio nestled amongst a beautiful garden, enjoying every step they take along a softy-illuminated path.

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Custom Path Lighting for a Safe & Beautiful Landscape

At Onorato Landscaping, safety and beauty go hand in hand. While the practical reason for path lighting is for guests to safely navigate through your landscape, our upscale illumination offers much more than that. Designer path lighting from Onorato Landscaping highlights the beautiful features of your landscape in a way that is both stunning and elegant.

You may have lovely flowerbeds and plantings along your walkaways that we can softly illuminate during the nighttime hours. Our gentle lighting transforms shrubs and bushes, offering depth and dimension that can’t be seen during the daylight hours. Your guests will be so entranced that they won’t even realize the path lighting’s primary purpose is for safety.

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We use low voltage lights that cast a wide illumination, so you don’t need to install a lot of them, and our high-quality copper and brass outdoor lighting fixtures are beautiful, so there’s no need to tuck them all away. At Onorato Landscaping, our experts work closely with you to strategically position the fixtures so that everything ties together for a lovely aesthetic throughout your property.

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If you’d like to learn more about path lighting for your Cliffside Park or Bergen County property, call Onorato Landscaping  at (201)941-1623 for a free demonstration. We look forward to hearing from you!