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Elegant landscape lighting for Bergen County

Landscape lighting can increase the value and curb appeal of homes and businesses in Bergen County.  By tastefully illuminating your building at night, your property has an elegance and grace that invites your visitors to enter your home or establishment with a warm, inviting feel.  The focus should always be on the walkway, stoop, and door with beautiful features of your house and landscaping also being lit.  When done properly, it not only adds value to your home/business but also gives visitors that certain “je ne sais quoi” feeling.  Your visitors will love the look and feel of your dwelling as much as you will.  Exquisite lighting will create the first impression of cultivated quality.  You only have one opportunity to make the right first impression. Let Onorato Landscaping design the lighting that tastefully enhances your home or business after dark.

Landscape lighting in Bergen County NJ

Tasteful landscape lighting for a home in Bergen County


 Landscape lighting makes your Bergen County home safer

A well-lit home or business makes it more difficult for would-be robbers to gain entrance without being detected.  This added security helps reduce the incidents of burglary.  Landscape lighting that illuminates walkways and stairs reduces slips and falls.  Some insurance companies offer discounts to homeowners that have landscape lighting, so check with your carrier.

Your home will sell quicker with quality landscape lighting

According to a study by the National Association of Home Builders, 90% of respondents state that outdoor lighting is essential (41%) or desirable (49%).

If you plan to sell your home, outdoor lighting can put your home in the buyer’s spotlight.  Sellers who understand that 90% of buyers are predisposed to a property with landscape lighting invest in it to gain an edge on the competition.   It draws the attention of prospective buyers after dark by highlighting the entrance and other beautiful features of your home.  When done properly, landscape lighting just radiates a warmth that is inviting.

Onorato – Bergen County’s value leader in landscape lighting

Marc Onorato, the founder and President of Onorato Landscaping, knows that most people in Bergen County want creative landscape lighting that gives their dwelling a stately elegance. Onorato only uses high-quality components and will never cut corners.  Their service is delivered at the highest levels, in a friendly manner and at fair rates.   Marc takes courses over the winters to enhance his knowledge base and skill.  He is committed to continually improving the level of landscaping and lighting services he delivers to the homeowners and businesses of Bergen County.  Marc’s commitment to being the leader in landscape lighting value is unshakable!   If you are looking for personalized service, creative, beautiful lighting design and someone skilled enough to bring out the best in your building at night – call Onorato.  Call Marc at 201-941-1623 and let Onorato give your home or business “Bergen County landscape lighting bragging rights!”

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