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The value of landscape design in Bergen County

Bergen County businesses and homeowners know that quality landscape design increases property values and

curb appeal as well as instantly delivering an amazing first impression that turns heads.  Many people want to know if landscape design is a good investment.  In a word, it depends on the quality of the designer and their pricing.  In her article “How much value does landscaping add to your home when selling?” Jill Chodorov Kaminsky states that returns range from 5% – 1000%.  That is a huge range.  A designer who is not talented or significantly overcharges for a project can reduce your return.  However, a talented landscape designer with fair rates will enable you to receive a high return on investment.  Just as importantly, a skilled designer will enable you to enjoy your yard for years, and will have your friends and neighbors asking “Who did your landscaping?”

Seven tips to finding the best landscape design firm for your needs in Bergen County

Many people are not sure how to hire the best landscape design company for their needs. Here are seven tips that can guide you to the landscape design firms that can help you to bring your landscaping dreams to life.

  1. Figure out what you want. It is critical not only to look at the designer’s portfolio, but look for a landscape designer who can help you clarify and crystallize your ideas and then transform them into a design that can be implemented within a reasonable timeframe and within your budget.  Sometimes your dream is bigger than your budget.  It is at times like this that finding a landscape design company that does not look down its nose at you and can develop the project in stages to spread the investment our over several seasons can be a real find!
  2. Creativity – Lower-end firms will have a portfolio where everything starts to look the same. A quality landscape design firm will start by walking your property, taking in the slope and lay of the land.  They will listen to your dreams and talk about your budget.  Then they will custom design your landscaping that includes the features you desire.  The best landscape designers are like a master sculptor and have the ability to bring the beauty out of your “block of ”
  3. Reputation – If you like their portfolio, ask for references, testimonials and check their on-line reviews.  If their customers are saying things that support their claims, you are on the right track; if they are contradicting their claims, it is most likely time to speak with a different landscape design firm immediately!
  4. Make sure you are comfortable – Speak with the person who will do the designing. Make sure you are comfortable with them and that you understand how changes will be handled if they are required.  Look for someone who is flexible and that you feel will be easy to work with and treat you fairly.
  5. Avoid firms that cut corners – Ask how items like foundations and drainage are done. Ask how they prepare flower beds so that they best support healthy flowers. Ask if the shrubs, bushes and trees have warranties.  Ask the designer if they handle obtaining all necessary permits.  Avoid firms that cut corners to lower price.  If a company tells you that the proper way to do something is one way and then offers a cheaper way – it usually requires corners to be cut.  In most cases, you end up unhappy or having to pay a second time to correct the issue.  Demand quality before you look at the price.   Quality is always the best value.
  6. Do they offer warranties? If a landscape designer invests in quality shrubs, bushes and trees. they should come with a one-year warranty providing that you take care of them properly. Additionally, ask if their hardscaping and landscaping is warranted.  A high-end landscape design firm will provide a warranty on these too.
  7. Speak to several landscape design firms. Make a list of what is important to you.  Many people compare the following: quality, creative design, ability to help clarify your desires and dreams. Look for flexibility, reliable, ability to communicate with owners, prompt responses to calls and quality service.


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Why Bergen County Choose Onorato for Landscape Design

Value is the point where quality and service meet pricing.  Marc Onorato knows that most people in Bergen County want a creative design with that wow factor, high-quality products and great service delivered in a friendly manner…all at a fair rate.  Marc has been operating Onorato Landscaping since 2007.  However, Marc had 10 years of experience at a high-end garden center before opening his own firm.  During his tenure at the garden center, Marc honed his design skills, helping customers pick the perfect mix of flowers, shrubs, bushes and trees to beautify their yards. Many of those customers have become customers of Onorato Landscaping.  As a young man, Onorato spent years working with a mason-hardscaper in what he calls his apprenticeship years.  Marc learned the trade with hands-on experience augmented by studying hardscaping design and techniques prior to going out on his own.  Additionally, Marc takes courses over the winters to enhance his knowledge base and skill.  He is committed to constantly improving the level of landscape design he delivers to the homeowners and businesses of Bergen County. Marc’s commitment to being the leader in landscaping and landscape design value is unshakable!  If you are looking for personalized service, creative, beautiful design and someone skilled enough to develop plans and projects that fit your budget, call Onorato.  Sometimes a project can be done all at once. Other times implementing it in phases works better with your budget.  Marc has the skills to plan projects in phases that can be implemented over several years and he is glad to work with you any way you like to help your landscaping dreams come to life.Call Marc at 201-941-1623 and let Onorato give your property “Bergen County landscape design bragging rights!”

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