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Looking for a master mason for your walkways in Bergen County?

A skilled mason can build a walkway that increases the curb appeal and first impression of your Bergen County business or home.  Onorato Landscaping designs and constructs walkways made from concrete, bricks, interlocking pavers and stone.  A well-designed walkway can help deliver the perfect first impression to your customers, friends or family.  It can elegantly direct your guests to your entrance, patio or other landscaping features.  A beautiful walkway can give your property that intangible and often subconscious wow factor that has people telling you how beautiful your property is.

stone walkway, stairs and venere in Bergen County

stone walkway, steps and veneer stone on entrance and lower section of the house give this Bergen County home a modern look


Let Bergen County’s own mason and landscaper, Marc Onorato, design the walkway of your dreams

Marc Onorato, the founder and owner of Onorato Landscaping, was born and raised in Bergen County.  He and his wife still live in Bergen raising their two girls.  Marc has an innate talent for listening to people’s ideas, like and desires for their walkway and then designing theirs in a manner that matches their dreams.   Often older homes have a walkway that is cracked or is crumbling.  Older walkways were designed in a straight line with no life or feel to them. The old concrete is usually dirty, dingy and dilapidated.   Onorato will rip out the old one and design a new walkway that will impress your guests with your taste and how it enhances the entire yard or establishment.  He can also offer you additional landscaping and landscape lighting that will further beautify your property.   You may want to browse their portfolio for some ideas for your walkway.

paver walkway in Bergen County build by Onorato Landscaping

A beautiful paver walkway will give a stellar first impression to your guests


Why Onorato Landscaping is the value leader in wakways and masonry

Marc Onorato, the founder and President of Onorato Landscaping, knows that most people in Bergen County who want to hire a mason to build their walkway, want to make their property shine, have it completed in a headache free manner, delivered on-time and at a fair rate.  Marc Onorato has a talent for listening to people and being able to pull their ideas out, clarify them and then design a walkway that brings them to life at a fantastic value.  His philosophy is to exceed his customer’s expectation at every stage. Onorato will never cut corners, and their high level of service is always delivered in a friendly manner.  Marc is dedicated to constant improvement, so he takes courses every winter to enhance the knowledge base and skills he delivers to the homeowners and businesses in Bergen County.  Onorato can work with any size budget to help you beautify your property with a beautiful walkway.  Marc’s commitment to being the value leader is unshakable!   If you are looking for personalized service, a creative, beautiful walkway and someone skilled enough to bring out the best in your property – call Onorato.  Call Marc, a master mason, at 201-941-1623 and let Onorato give your home or business “Bergen County’s walkway bragging rights!”

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