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Quality lawn sprinkler systems for Bergen County

Bergen County residents understand that landscaping is worthless unless it is well maintained, and that a quality lawn sprinkler system will keep their grass green and lush even during the hottest, driest stretch of summer.  There is a certain pride to owning a beautifully landscaped yard.  Whether it is your business or home, visitors are impressed by a neat, well-groomed, healthy green lawn.  Onorato can help you keep your grass perfectly maintained by installing a lawn sprinkler system.

Automatic sprinkler system in Bergen County

Let Onorato install an automatic sprinker system for you and keep your grass beautifull all summer


Seven tips to finding the best value in lawn sprinkler systems in Bergen County

1. Quality – Ask what brand of sprinkler heads and components are to be used. Do not skimp on quality. It costs much more to dig your lawn up to perform repairs than it does to invest a few pennies more upfront to buy quality components that last. We only use top-brand sprinkler heads, fully warranted. We also double clamp all connections to ensure your system does not leak (An undetected underground leak can make your water bill skyrocket.).
2. Fully licensed and insured – Make sure your contractor has the appropriate licenses and is completely insured. The installation of lawns sprinkler systems requires ditch digging equipment. If you use a contractor who does not have liability insurance and workers compensation insurance and a worker gets injured, you can be sued!
3. Ability to custom design the irrigation zoning to properly maintain your lawn. Low-end lawn sprinkler designs will have only one or two zones and therefore the flow of water will be consistent. However, if you have hills on your property, you need to design your system so that the top of the hill receives enough water to maintain the maximum health of the grass. Gravity will cause the water to run to the bottom of the hills, so a quality designer will plan for this, reducing the amount of water to low-lying areas to keep them from drowning.
4. Communication – A quality sprinkler installation company will explain the project from start to finish and will answer any question that you may have at any stage of the project. Always use a firm that you are comfortable with and that will effectively communicate.
5. Accessibility – Make sure you choose a landscaper that offers you access to the owners. Make sure that they return calls promptly or, better yet, look for one where the owner supervises the jobs.
6. Great Service – Occasionally a sprinkler head will break or stop working properly. You want to choose a landscaping firm that is known for quality and that will repair your system quickly so that your lawn stays healthy and green.
7. Value – Quality is always the best value – especially with a project like a lawn sprinkler system that will require significant labor costs to repair. Once you establish that the landscaper is dedicated to value, find one that delivers fair rates too.

Onorato Landscaping – Bergen County’s choice in lawn sprinkler systems

Marc Onorato, the founder and President of Onorato Landscaping, knows that most people in Bergen County want quality, headache-free sprinkler systems Onorato only uses high-quality components and never cut corners. Their service is delivered at the highest levels, in a friendly manner, and at fair rates. Marc takes continuing education courses over the winter to enhance his knowledge base and skills. He is committed to continually improving the level of landscaping services he delivers to the homeowners and businesses of Bergen County. Marc’s commitment to being the leader in sprinkler system value is unshakable! If you are looking for personalized service, quality components and someone with the skill to design your system to maximize your lawn’s health – call Onorato. Call Marc at 201-941-1623 and let Onorato Landscaping give your home or business “Bergen County lawn sprinkler system bragging rights!”

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