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Looking for a master patio builder in Bergen County?

Onorato Landscaping is a leading patio builder in Bergen County.  No matter if you want your patio constructed of pavers, natural stone (flagstone, slate, bluestone, limestone…) bricks or concrete, Onorato’s goal is to exceed your expectation at every stage.  Marc Onorato will help you design the perfect patio that gets your friends and neighbors talking.  He listens to you, your likes and dislikes, and helps you to crystallize your thoughts, desires and dreams.  Next, he designs your patio, shares his concepts and discusses them with you, tweaks them and then gets to work building the patio of your dreams.  Your patio will give you a beautiful outdoor living space to entertain family and friends for years to come.

Bergen residents often ask about the advantages and disadvantages of various patio materials

Before we get into the pluses and minuses of each material from which you can construct your patio, let us preface it with this:  you should make your decision based on the fact that you and your family will be spending years enjoying it.  Therefore you should start with what materials you find most attractive and that you will enjoy entertaining on most.  Below is a comparison of materials that can be helpful as you start to plan your patio.

Concrete – Concrete is durable and easy to build.  It is one of the more affordable materials you can use.  Concrete is easy to form and allows for curved edges and custom designs. Cement can be attractive but does not give you the wow factor of natural stone or pavers  Concrete patio, pool area with barbequel
Brick – Brick can give you a very nice look and feel.  People who like bricks like the rustic feel you can accomplish with them.   You can use new bricks for a cleaner look or used ones for a very rustic one.  They are more expensive than concrete but more affordable than pavers or natural stone.  patio made of brick
Pavers – Pavers are not only beautiful but also come in a variety of shapes and colors.   They are durable and relatively easy to work with.  They are more affordable than natural stone but a bit more than brick.  Pavers are made from concrete and are colored.  It is important to invest in pavers that have a color warranty.  They come in monochromatic (one color), multi-colored, pavers that have a brick look or even look like stone.  paver patio in Bergen coutny Nj
Natural stone – natural stone patios are usually constructed in flagstone, bluestone, slate and limestone.  They can be built with stones cut in consistent shapes (usually rectangles) or their natural irregular shapes.   Natural stone offers one of the most stunning looks.  The can be more expensive than other materials, especially if they are made from irregular shapes as the master mason must fit them together and cut them to finish the sides of the patio.  However, one has to consider that a patio is a long-term investment in relaxation and entertainment and the extra cost is worth it for those who love the elegance of stone.  


You may want to peruse their portfolio on pavers to help you with ideas for your patios.

Patio repairs for Bergen County

If your pavers are no longer level, Onorato Landscaping can help.   Over time, the frost will push pavers up, and sections of your patio may no longer be level.  Onorato will take your pavers apart, fix the base and then reset your pavers to they are as level as they were the day the patio was completed. If there are drainage or other issues, Marc and his team can help make your patio as beautiful and often more functional than new!

Why Onorato Landscaping is the value leader in building patios

Marc Onorato, the founder and President of Onorato Landscaping, knows that most people in Bergen County want to hire a patio builder who can make their backyard shine.  They want their patio completed in a headache free manner, delivered on-time and at a fair rate.  Marc Onorato has a talent for listening to people and being able to pull their ideas out, clarify them and then design a patio that brings them to life at a fantastic value.  His philosophy is to exceed his customer’s expectation at every stage. Onorato will never cut corners, and their high level of service is always delivered in a friendly manner.  Marc is dedicated to constant improvement, so he takes courses every winter to enhance the knowledge base and skills he delivers to the homeowners and businesses in Bergen County.  Onorato can work with any size budget to help you beautify your backyard with a patio.  Marc’s commitment to being the value leader in patios is unshakable!   If you are looking for personalized service, a creative, beautiful patio and someone skilled enough to bring out the best in your backyard- call Onorato.  Call Marc at 201-941-1623 and let Onorato give your home or business “Bergen County’s patio bragging rights!”

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